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Get Rid Fruit Flies without Pesticides are mainly attracted towards the decayed or decaying fruit and vegetables kept in the kitchen. It can cause a severe disease to the people after consuming contaminated fruits and vegetables. So eliminating the attraction and breeding of fruit flies is an imperative task that needs to be done in every house. But, it can’t be done without knowing the important tricks.
Most of the people prefer to use pesticides for killing the fruit flies. But you don’t need to purchase pesticides now, as this post contains all the essential natural tricks and measures to get rid of harmless fruit flies.

How to get rid of fruit flies naturally:

We consume lots of fruits and store the waste products in a compost bin and use it as a store to keep the rind of fruits. There are many people who are too lazy in cleaning the compost bin every day. But this ignorance creates moisture in the bin and makes the condition favorable for flying Get Rid Fruit Flies without Pesticides. So to avoid a fruit fly problem, empty your compost bin.
Clean the Kitchen regularly
A single tiny scrap of food can lead to fruit fly problem. A kitchen should be cleaned regularly so that it could remove food resources. Keep the kitchen floor and baseboards clean and put all the overripe fruits into the refrigerator so that it could be protected from fruit flies.

Get Rid Fruit Flies without Pesticides

Prepare Vinegar trap
A vinegar trap can be made in following ways:
Mix apple cider vinegar in a couple drops of dish soap to cut the surface tensions of vinegar.
Take a container and wrap it with a plastic cover
Punch some holes into plastic wrap
Fruit flies will be attracted to the vinegar and will fall into the prepared solution
Refresh the trap every few days when it gets full
Purchase created homemade trap from shop
It contains a light that attracts the flying fruit flies and automatically they fall into the adhesive glue solution. However, it will also work similar to homemade trap, but if you don’t want to create it yourself, and then purchase it from shop.
Homemade traps are very useful in trapping harmless fruit flies so there is no need to spend hard cash on purchasing pesticides from shop. It is better that you create a homemade trap by yourself and eliminate the breeding of fruit flies.

How to Get Rid Fruit Flies without Using Pesticides

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