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Get Rid Fruit Flies without Vinegar are countless fruit fly species across the globe that causes a severe disease to people after contaminated foods. The common fruit fly like Philosophical galvanometer often can be seen flying around kitchens or trash cans. Indoors, fruit flies are frequently active at all the times of the years.
Fruit flies are mainly attracted to the overripe fruits and vegetables kept in the kitchen or outside the refrigerators or coolers. Most of the people prefer to use several types of pesticides and sprays or create the vinegar trap. If you want to get rid of fruit flies instantly without using vinegar. It is also possible as the traps can be also made by using other products like red wine, rotten fruits and vegetables.

The small size flies that frequently hanging around un-refrigerated produce in your kitchen are probably called fruit flies, which are also known as vinegar flies. Get Rid Fruit Flies without Vinegar main reason of coming lots of flies in your kitchen and house is the waste products like rotten fruits and vegetables. If you want to get rid of fruit flies then the first and foremost step is to eliminate the decaying ingredients from the kitchen. The vegetables like tomatoes, onions, or potatoes are easily decayed and can be a source of attraction and breeding. So keep all the vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator until you find the best possible solution for killing hanging fruit flies in kitchen. Moreover, the substances like empty bottles and cans are thoroughly cleaned before discarding.
It often happens after eliminating all sources of attraction,  those speedy adult flies can return back to your house. And the same larvae can be found in a drain or nearby your compost bin. So it can become a huge trouble if they are left to dwell in gardens and households.

Get Rid fruit flies without Vinegar

Fogging products and spray can be used on the place of homemade traps with a low-volume pressure washer to reach the pesticides under the shelves, and appliances.
Lemongrass oil and spraying water are very effective reducing insects, ants, and other fruit flies.
Use dish soap or bleach powder to kill the flies and gnats
Prepare a homemade trap using a small amount of rotting fruit and red wine
Hang fly strips in a discreet place. These traps will attract flies and succumb to death.
Floor detergents with grease-eating bacteria can be also used for eliminating fruit flies from the restaurant.
It is necessary to eliminate the breeding areas of fruit flies; else the problems can become more complex. How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies without Vinegar, Use the pesticides and sprays vigorously and keep the children out from that area, as inhalation of pesticides can harm the lungs and other sensitive organs of your body.

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