Advantages of Chromebook

The Chromebook is easy to buy due to its affordable price tag, excellent portability and impressive look. However, does the Chromebook offer any real Advantages of Chromebook over traditional Windows or Mac computers? Let us get started and find out.

Advantages of Chromebook

Advantages of Chromebook

Listed below are only the advantages of a Chromebook, it is recommended that you also read about the disadvantages of a Chromebook to get an overall picture of this new breed of computer.

1. No Setup Required

With a Chromebook, you become practically good as soon as you hold the Chromebook in your hands. No software is required to be installed and practically no setup is required.

2. No need to buy any software

In the case of traditional Windows laptops you will spend money to upgrade and later buy Windows OS, Microsoft Office and antivirus software.

With a Chromebook, there is no need to purchase any antivirus software or Microsoft Office programs. Google takes care of providing security and malware protection for your Chromebook.

Also, Chromebook users can use programs such as Google Docs, Google Sheets and other Microsoft Office, which are available for free on Google Drive.

4. Never do your work

Another important advantage of a Chromebook is that you never run the risk of losing your job.

Unlike traditional laptops, Chromebooks do not store your work and settings locally on the hard disk. By default, all user preferences, apps, files, and your data are saved on Google Drive.

5. Built-in security

The Chromebook has Google’s built-in multilevel security, including automated software and security updates, verified boot and local data encryption.

Adding further security, the Chromebook is designed to boot in ROM mode and to connect to apps stored on Google Cloud Server in sandbox mode.

6. Multiple Users

Chromebooks are ideally suited for use in schools and work locations where multiple users will use the same machine.

Since nothing is stored locally on a Chromebook, there is no risk of user files being mixed or accessed by others.

7. Parental Control

Parents can set up supervised accounts to protect, track, or limit their children’s online activity. The same Chromebook can be used by adults with different settings and more privileges.

There is no danger to children in accessing parental settings and files, that whenever they enter their supervised accounts, they will see and access their own files and settings.

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We hope now you may know the real advantages of Chromebooks, if you want more related article explore Howwikis for more information.

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