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Top 10 Automobile Companies in the World


Top 10 Automobile Companies in the World

Automobile Companies in the World:- There are some of the most reliable car brands in the market if you are planning to buy a new car for yourself.
But, many top car manufacturers are cutting their operations resulting in lower volume manufacturing which will eventually increase automobile prices.
The reason is, car brands are trying to compensate for their profits by cutting operating costs to deal with price increases and future crises.

best automobile companies in world

In recent years, the automobile industry has faced a worldwide recession, leading major car suppliers to seek new and innovative profit-making approaches.
Many have made the transition to the high-end, while some focus more on competing models that contribute to larger margins of income.

There have been signs of some of the main players recovering in 2017 with record sales worldwide.
We have researched many brands and made a list for the world’s largest automobile companies that will not be significantly affected by the crisis.

Here are the top 10 Automobile Companies in the World

1. Volkswagen Group – Germany

It has overtaken Toyota and sold 10.8 million cars during 2016 and remains negligible. 1 automobile company in the world through its exports in 2017 and 2018.
In two decades, it has the largest market share in Europe. It ranked seventh among the world’s largest companies on the 2018 Fortune Global 500 list.

2. Toyota – Japan

Japanese international car manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation is headquartered in Osaka, Aichi, Japan. In 2017, Toyota hired 364,445 employees worldwide and as of September 2018 was the world’s sixth largest corporation in terms of revenue.
They not only manufacture cars and trucks under five different brands in the Toyota Group, but also manufacture industrial equipment and personal automotive products. Toyota’s business struggled after the nation’s defeat in WWII, but it eventually returned in the 1950s.

3. Nissan group- France/Japan

As an important cross-cultural vehicle manufacturer, the Renault Nissan-Mitsubishi partnership will be remembered as the longest-running alliance.
Coalition partners combine forces to form a strong global network.
They collaborate together on innovative ideas, thus maintaining their own corporate identities.
The strategic partnership of Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi is not a merger or acquisition, but through a cross-sharing agreement, it unites the three organizations.

4. Hyundai – South Korea

Hyundai Motor Company got the partnership in 1998 by acquiring a 51% stake in Kia Motors, the second largest South Korean car company.
As of 31 December 2013, Kia Motors holds a 33.88% stake in Hyundai.
This global group manufactures a wide range of products and has become South Korea’s largest vehicle manufacturer.

5. General Motors – USA

General Motors Company (GM) is a Detroit-based international American company known for the production, assembly, sale and export of cars and car components.
William C. Originally on 16 September 1908. Was founded by Durant as a holding company. The company is now one of the best American car companies in the world in 2019.
As of 2018, Forbes ranked General Motors 10th in total revenue among the Fortune 500 America’s largest companies.

6. Ford – United States

Ford Motor Company is an American international vehicle manufacturer, headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan.
It was built on 16 June 1903 by Henry Ford.
Under the brand names Ford and luxury cars under the brand Lincoln, the company sells automobiles and commercial vehicles.

7. Honda – Japan

With the advertising campaign “The Power of Dreams”, Honda Motor Company still matches the story of its optimistic founder.
By 2019, the Japanese carmaker’s global sales outlook increased. However, they are facing a decrease in overall sales in the second year.
Due to the current increase in motorcycle sales, Honda increased its revenue by 11.3 percent to $ 7 billion for the year ending in March 2019.

8. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – Italy/US

The Italian-American carmaker was listed on both the New York Stock Exchange and Borsa Italian through a merger of Fiat and Chrysler.
Fiat-Chrysler has seen a 40 percent drop in its earnings in 2018, following solid North American sales performance in 2017.

9. Suzuki – Japan

This renowned automaker makes everything from vehicles to ATVs, formerly known as Suzuki Motor Corporation.
Suzuki is the fourth largest car manufacturer in Japan and is the most profitable car company selling its cars in more than 190 countries.

10. PSA – France

PSA Automobiles is a French car manufacturer formerly known as PSA Peugeot Citroën, which manufactures motorcycles and motorbikes in association with automobiles.
Amidst some tough years in this decade, much of which was a loss of € 114 million in 2014, for which PSA Peugeot, the company soon bounced back.
In mid-2017, the French automaker announced a 15.4% global increase in sales.
The spectacle of SUV sales, which is 23 percent of combined sales, handles the vast majority of this growth.
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