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Microsoft sometimes requests users to enter phone numbers when creating an Outlook or Hotmail account. If this happens, you can still create Outlook account without phone number using different methods as per below.

Easy Steps to Create Outlook Account Without Phone Number

Microsoft typically uses captcha tests to verify human users and prompts for phone numbers only when it is suspected of creating multiple user accounts within a short period of time.

Even if you are not creating multiple accounts, you can be marked with this system and asked to enter the phone number.

Steps to Create Outlook Account Without Phone Number

If for some strange reason Microsoft is requesting for a phone number, you can use the methods below to bypass the phone verification screen.

The methods below are listed in order of ease. Make sure you try all methods, if some don’t work first.

Method 1:- Restart Router and Clear Browser Cache

  • Phone verification may be the reason for your IP being present in a list of suspicious IP addresses on Microsoft servers.
  • The easiest way to bypass this block is to restart your WiFi modem / router and get a new IP address.
  • Also, you have to clear the browser cache to get rid of all stored cookies that can be linked to the IP address and your online behavior.
  • After completing the above steps, try to create a Microsoft account once again and this time you should be able to create an Outlook accounts without a phone number.

Method 2:- Use Outlook App

  • When using the Outlook app, instead of the Outlook website, users have reported being able to creates an Outlook account without a phone number.

Method 3:- Try Again Later

  • If Microsoft is asking for your phone number, just close the browser tab and try to creates an Outlook account after an hour or the next day.
  • This should work, as requests for phone numbers are most likely to prevent bots and automated programs from creating multiple Outlook accounts in a short period of time.
  • So, if you are being asked to enter a phone number, try to create an account after a few hours.

If you are not able to Create Outlook Account Without Phone Number in a time. Try again next day or few hours latter. We hope this article will help you!

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