How to Fix HP Printer Error Code 49.FF81?

HP Error 49.FF81 can be caused by invalid print commands or corrupted data, even some noise from the device, below is the detailed discussion about the solution. To Fix HP Printer Error Code 49.FF81, below is the easy solution by printer assistant experts.

Fix HP Printer Error Code 49.FF81

Steps to Fix HP Printer Error Code 49.FF81

1. First you need to switch off your printer and turn it on again.

2. Now press “Stop” to clear the print command.

3. Now again turn off and turn it on.

4. Now try to print a sample with different software.

5. If the print document prints successfully, first go back to the program that failed at that time and print a separate file from your documents.

6. If the HP printer returns error code 49.FF81, the file may be corrupted.

7. Now remove the DIMMs and EIO Cards, and turn off your device.

8. After removing the DIMM and EIO cards, make sure that your printer will turn it off.

9. Then reinstall DIMMs and EIOs one by one from your device, as well as switch off the printer.

10. Once the DIMM or EIO card causes the message to change or replace the DIMM and EIO card.

11. Reconnect all cords carefully and connect the printer to your network or your computer.

12. If the problem still persists, please change the for-matter.

Note: Most cases are error code 50.2 usually when the printer command does not recognize your device. You can also try to update the firmware. This will resolve your printer error.

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HP Printer Error Code 49.FF81

If you are still unable to Fix HP Printer Error Code 49.FF81, do not waste hours and hours. I suggest you to get a quick fix to your error code 50.2 by connecting to Printer Helpline Number. After listening to the problems, HP experts will find out the device cause and provide you the exact solution at the same time.

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