How make google my homepage in Mac or Windows

How to Make Google My Homepage – Because google is the largest search engine in the world. Everyone wants to be set Google as the home page for both Mac or Windows users. Make Google My Homepage

If you try to make Google your homepage, follow these simple steps to do it in a minute or less. Make Google My Homepage

Make Google My Homepage in Windows And Mac

Make Google Your Homepage on Chrome Browser : Make Google My Homepage

Step 1:- Open your Chrome browser and click the three dots in the top right corner. Select “Settings”.

Step 2:- Then select “Appearance”, find the “Show home button”. If it’s disabled, Enable it by Clicking the slide.

Step 3:- After Enable it, an option will pop up “Enter custom web address” (below “New Tab page”). type “”.

Make Google Your Homepage on Firefox

Step 1:- Open your Firefox browser, and browse “”

Step 2:- Drag the “Google” tab into the “Home Icon.”

Step 3:- A pop-up message will arrive, click on the “Yes” button.

How to Make Google Your Homepage on Safari

Step 1:- Open your Safari browser, click “Safari” left side of the top, and select “Preferences”.

Step 2:- Go to your “General” tab.

Step 3:- In “Homepage:”, Erase and fill in the box with “”. Then click the “Set to Current Page” button.

Step 4:- Click “Change Homepage” in the pop-up.

When you ask someone a question these days and they don’t know the answer, you almost always know what they say – “It’s just fine.” With over 3.5 billion searches a day, Google is usually your entry point for anything you do on the web, so I’m not surprised that you want to change your homepage to Google.

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