How to fly in minecraft ?

Powerful Minecraft players can obtain a pair of wings after defeating the Ander Dragon (and go on a long treasure hunt). If that sounds too far away, learn How to fly in minecraft you can fly into creative mode, either start a new world or cheat. Cheats are not available for the console version yet.

How to fly in minecraft

Easy Step to fly in minecraft

Defeated Ander Dragon. The only way to fly in survival mode without cheat is to use a pair of wings called “eletra”. You will need a lot of equipment and resources to find these wings, as they are only available at the end of the game’s final area.

Look for the gateway portal. Defeating the Ender Dragon activates two portals. At the top is a penultimate portal, with a dragon’s egg in the center. Walking through it will give you an achievement and return you to the overworld.

Throw an ender pearl through the gateway portal. Since the entrance is too small to walk through, you will need the Ander Pearl to teleport from the other side. This will take you to one of the other islands in the end zone.

Find an end city. The final cities are towers or groups of towers made of yellow and purple colored blocks. You may need to explore the end zone for a long time before performing a search.

Take Elite from the item frame. Break the item frame behind the treasure chest, and a pair of “Elytra” (Beetle Wing Case) will fall to the floor. Pick them up and equip them with your chest slot.

Jump in mid air to glide. With Alistor equipped, you can press the jump button in mid-air to start gliding. You will fall very slowly, and keep going.

How to fly in minecraft ?

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Congratulations, you just learned how to fly in Minecraft. For queries please tell u sin comment section.

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