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Is the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Microsoft's biggest Surface Pro rival?

Is the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Microsoft’s biggest Surface Pro rival? At the point when audits proofreader Cherlynn Low invested some energy with Samsung’s Galaxy Book 2 back in October, she established that the splendid presentation, enduring battery and LTE availability made a convincing contention for owning the tablet. While it would make a perfect gadget for individuals who worth a generous battery and do the greater part of their work in a program, the presentation of the Snapdragon 850 processor was now and then frustratingly slow.

A solid magnesium body with an inherent kickstand, included S Pen and a console made up for the exhibition issues, with the Galaxy Book 2 winning a respectable score of 83.

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At the present time there’s just a solitary client survey up on our Galaxy Book 2’s item page. Be that as it may, whoever composed it is unrestrained in their recognition for the tablet: Brad says Is the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Microsoft’s biggest Surface Pro rival? since his activity requires a light gadget with a speedy start up time and noteworthy battery life. Be that as it may, he gave the slate a much lower score than Cherlynn did – a 70 – on the grounds that he can’t overhaul the RAM and ends up utilizing a great deal of dongles to achieve his work.

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On the off chance that you additionally possess a Galaxy Book 2, do you concur with Brad’s evaluation of the tablet’s disadvantages? Reveal to us what score you would give Samsung’s slate and why on our Galaxy Book 2 item page. Your audit could show up in an up and coming gathering article, and help instruct your kindred perusers on why this gadget is (or isn’t) worth their well deserved cash.

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