How to Setup and Use Zoom on Computer or Mobile?

The steps of using Zoom for video-conferencing are practically the same on Windows computers, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and tablets.  In this blog you will learn easy steps to Setup and Use Zoom on Computer or Mobile by Howwikis team.

In addition, the free or basic version of the zoom can be used to interact with family and friends. So let’s go ahead and take a look at the zoom and setup steps on our computer or mobile phone.

Setup and Use Zoom on Computer

Steps to Setup and Use Zoom on Computer or Mobile

If you have received an email invitation for a meeting on Zoom, you can join the meeting by clicking on the invitation link.

This is right! – To join a meeting on the zoom, it is not required to go through the zoom setup process.

However, you need to setup Zoom on your computer or phone if you want to create a meeting and invite others to meetings on Zoom.

All that is required to setup and use the zoom on any device is a free zoom account and a web camera, either built-in or connected to the device (in the case of desktop or Mac Mini).

1. Sign up for Zoom: –The first step is to sign up for a free Zoom account using Gmail or any other email account.

2. Verify your email address: – The next step is to verify your email address by logging into your email account.

3. Start a test meeting on Zoom: –The third and final step is to start a test meeting on Zoom.

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After following above steps you are now able to Use Zoom on Computer or Mobile. If you have any queries you can ask in comment section our experts will assist you.

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