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The 5 Most Comfortable Sandal Trends of Summer 2019 The possibility of simple to-stroll in, “agreeable” shoes may trigger visuals of orthopedic shoes with an unattractive lash and an unbalanced heel tallness. Be that as it may, gone are the times of difficult, out of this world impact points approaching modernity and now, agreeable shoes have turned out to be shockingly chic gratitude to the resurgence of level footwear patterns like father tennis shoes and easygoing flip failures.

We’re cheerfully inviting straightforwardness in with the general mish-mash including these on-pattern, yet agreeable and walkable shoes. Shop the most agreeable shoes of the period beneath.

1) Thongs Out

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It’s time to give the flip flops and thong sandals of yesteryear a second chance. This summer, both casual styles are reemerging in buttery leather, dauntless hues and modern textures.

2) Tourist-Approved

In the latest “ugly” fashion craze, a sandal no one with a sartorial mind would have accepted just a few months ago is cool again. The best part about this tourist evolution is the versatility in which these travel-inspired sandals are created.

3) Looped In

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Toe-loop details scream hot ’90s teen, and that’s all we could wish for in this current throwback phase. Don’t be alarmed if this walkable sandal trend makes you yearn for spaghetti straps and rent-free living.

4) Wedged In-Between

Enter: mid-height wedges. They’re high enough to give some leg, but low enough to stroll in for hours without an ounce of pain. The look you may lack in your favorite kitten heel can be found in one of these supportive and versatile sandals.

5) Open Mule

Take your wardrobe to new heights this season with the coveted mule sandal. The fashion favorite mule has been reinvented time and time again, coming back each time in both luxurious options and affordable staples.

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