How to Free up Space on Android Phone or Tab

how to free up space on android phone: Most of theĀ users have Android Phones with 32 or 64 GB Storage, which can quickly get filled up. You will find below many ways to free up space on Android or Tablet.

How to Free up Space on Android Phone or Tab

Free Up Space On Android

Clearing storage space on your Android Phone or Table is necessary to Free Up Space On Android , for proper functioning of your device.

1. Delete all the Unwanted Photos & Videos

You can expect to free up space on my phone by removing the unwanted Photos from your Android Phone by clearing all the unwanted photos and Videos because it takes a lot of storage space .

1. From the Home screen, navigate the Gallery > Albums > Camera Folder.

2. In the Camera Folder, select the photos and videos and Delete All the Unnecessary Photos and Videos.

2.  Delete Photos & Videos of WhatsApp .

By default, WhatsApp saves all the sent photos and received photos to the internal device storage of your Android Phone, which often leads to accumulation of tons of WhatsApp unwanted photos and Videos on your device.

1. Go to Gallery > tap on Albums > open WhatsApp Image Folder.

Note: You may find multiple types of WhatsApp Image Folders. During the query how to free up memory on android .

2. Select All the Unnecessary Photos and Videos  and Delete all in WhatsApp Image Folder.

Further, To resolve your problem of how to clear storage on android, you can prevent WhatsApp from downloading Photos and Videos on your Phone by using steps as mentioned : How to Stop WhatsApp From Saving Photos to Android Phone By which you think about how to free up storage on android .

3. Delete The Rarely Used Apps

We often install many Apps that appear interesting and attractive to us, but after sometime they end up being not that useful or necessary.

1. Open to the Settings > Device Care > Storage > Apps.

2. Select Apps that you want to remove and click on the Delete option.

3. On the confirmation time, tap on Uninstall to confirm.

4. Delete Documents In Device 

1. Go to Settings > Device Care > Storage > Documents.

2. Next screen, select the Documents that you want to remove and tap to the option of Delete .

5. Delete Screenshots on your device 

You may have many useless screenshots on your device that have already served their required purpose and are no longer needed.

1. Open Gallery App > tap on Albums tab in the bottom menu and open your Screenshots Folder.

2. Select All the Screen Shots that you do not need than Delete them.

6. Delete all Temporary Files

These are temporary caches and other files which were created by the system and no more longer necessary for the function of your device – clean up space on android

1.Follow to the process given: Settings > Device Care > Storage > Temporary Files.

2.Next, select All files and tap on the option of Delete . For solve how to free up space on android or tab .

7. Transfer Photos to Computer

To get better results of how to free up space on android , transfer all the Photos and Videos from your Phone to computer and then Delete All the Photos from your device.

8. Start Use of Smart Storage

Some Android Phones come with the Smart Storage features, which automatically removes backed-up photos, if the storage of your device is getting full.

This feature needs to be toggled ON by open to Settings > Storage and move the toggle next to Smart Storage to ON position.

And also, you need to select the duration (30, 60 or 90 days) after which Smart Storage can remove backed-up Photos from your device.

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