How To Turn On Safe Mode On Samsung

If you’re a Samsung Galaxy Phone and your Samsung Galaxy Phone isn’t able to operate properly, Thus being in your turn on safe mode and see, and it will start performance normally.

When you exit Safe Mode, some of your customization choices (Wallpapers, Themes, locations, Etc.) are also reset to default.

How to Start your Samsung Galaxy Phone in Safe Mode

How to enable safe mode in Samsung

As mentioned above about Samsung Galaxy Phones, turn on safe mode on Samsung.

When your samsung is in safe mode , your phone won’t be able to run any third-party apps. It is sometimes the primary choice to check and confirm if there is any problem that is being caused by a recently installed App.

When you turn on safe mode on Samsung, all the installed Apps will not show for a short period, leaving only the main services and pre-loaded default Apps running.

And then if your Phone runs normally in Safe Mode, it confirms that the problem is in the device caused by one of those Apps that was recently installed to your Phone.

Next step is to identify the mismatched App and to disable or delete that App from your device.

Note :- You can also enter in Safe Mode by pressing the Power Key button, touching, and holding the Power off option, and then touching the Safe mode option.

  • 1.  How to enable safe mode in Samsung

1. Put off your Android Phone.

2. Press and hold the Volume Down Button and start your phone by pressing the Power Button, during the Turn off.

3. Continue to press the Volume Button and release the Power Button when you see that your Phone is starting up with Samsung Logo.

4. Now, Release the Volume Down Button when you see the phone’s screen totally loaded in Safe Mode.

It will distinctly display the Safe Mode badge in black box on the bottom-left corner of the screen, When the Samsung is in safe mode.

As well, you will also see a notification, which will show that your phone is in Safe Mode now .

Troubleshoot Problems Using Safe Mode

If your Phone starts and starts functioning without any problem, it is most likely that the problem on your device arose by a recently installed App.

To confirm, disable all the installed apps and enable them once by once, until you didn’t discover the App which brings the problem on your Phone.

When the sinning App is found in your device, you can disable or delete the App from your Phone by which your device’s problem will stop .

You can disable or delete the App by going to Settings > Application Manager > switch to Downloaded tab and select that App which you want to Disable or Delete to fix your problem .

On the next, select the Uninstall option to remove the App from your device.

If you do not want to uninstall the App from your device, you can also select Force Stop option or Disable option .

Process to Disable Safe Mode on Samsung galaxy Phone

To turn off safe mode on Samsung or any other Android Phone is too simple, Just Press & Hold the Power Button and select the Restart option in the pop-up menu that appears.

Another way to turn off safe mode on Phone is to open Notifications (Swipe Down) and tap on the Safe Mode notification.

Once you open the Notifications and there is safe mode samsung notification, you will immediately see a pop up window, providing the option to Reboot your phone normally.

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