How to Logout of Email on iPhone?

As you may have noticed, there is no logout option in the Mail app on iPhone. However, you can still Logout of Email on iPhone using the steps below by Email Customer Service.

Email Logout on iPhone

If you have decided to switch from the iPhone Mail app to the dedicated Gmail or Outlook app, then you need to sign out of your email accounts in the default Mail app.

Another reason to sign out or log out of an email account on the iPhone would be to prevent your email from appearing on the iPhone.

Logout of Email on iPhone

Steps to Logout of Email on iPhone

1. Sign out of email on iPhone

If you are using Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, or Yahoo email accounts through the Mail app, you can follow the steps below to sign out of these email accounts on the iPhone.

1. Go to Settings> Password and account.

2. On the Password and Accounts screen, tap on your email account (in this case it is Gmail).

3. On the next screen, turn off the Mail option.

Now, you will not receive messages from your email account that appears in the inbox of the Mail app on the iPhone.

However, your email account will still be connected to the Mail app and you can start receiving your emails at any time on your iPhone by enabling the mail option.

If you are definitely switching to a dedicated Gmail or Outlook app, you can tap on the delete account to delete your email account from the Mail app.

2. Sign out of iCloud Mail on iPhone

Even if you are not using iCloud Mail, you will still have an iCloud mail account and the only way to logout of iCloud Mail is to disable mail access on the iCloud Settings screen.

1. Open Settings and tap on your Apple ID name.

2. On the Apple ID screen, tap iCloud.

3. On the next screen, turn off the Mail option.

Email Solution by Howwikis Team

Now, the Mail app will not be able to use iCloud and you will no longer get cloud emails in the Mail app. We hope after follow this you are able to learn Logout of Email on iPhone.

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