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      Telegram has grown in the list of popular apps due to its unique messaging feature, which allows the users to keep their identity known. Also, it’s possible to Use Telegram without Phone Number.

      If you want telegram login without phone number by using different methods as provided below.

      How To Use Telegram Without A Phone Number & SIM

      How to set up telegram without phone number

      Like all the other apps: WhatsApp, Google voice and other messaging services, Telegram also asks for a phone number when you try to sign up for services.

      Many questions arise in your mind that can you use telegram without a phone number ?

      While this helps in preventing spam and fraud accounts from being its user, it also causes trouble to genuine users who may want to know how to set up telegram without phone number for their security reasons.

      Also, there are users who want telegram login without phone number their Android or iPhone without any SIM Card. So, we are providing below various Methods to telegram register without phone number or SIM Card.

      It is also mentioned that Telegram provides the option to only use your Username to show , telegram register without phone number.

      Method 1: Get Telegram Using TextNow App

      The easiest way to Sign up for an Account in telegram without phone number is by using an App called TextNow.

      With its users TextNow provides a free US or Canada based phone number, which verify your Telegram Account.

      1- Download TextNow App

      You can also install TextNow App from Google Play Store on Android Phone and from the App Store on iPhone .

      From the Windows Store you can also download the TextNow App on your PC and from the App Store on your Mac.

      2- Setup TextNow App & Note down the Number

      After installing TextNow App, open the TextNow and follow the instructions which show on the screen to set up TextNow.

      During the Setup process, TextNow will prompt you to pick your Free Phone Number. Ensure that you have to note that phone number because you will need that number to enter in the Telegram.

      Open TextNow App on your phone and Tap to the 3-line icon to see your TextNow Phone Number, If you forget to write down your free Phone Number.

      Open the app and navigate to the People tab to see your TextNow Phone Number or Windows computer or Mac, 

      Now, you can verify your TextNow Account using TextNow Phone Number.

      3- Download Telegram App

      There are : Google Play Store on your Android Phone or from the App Store on your iPhone to download the Telegram App.

      Once the App is downloaded, open the Telegram app and tap on Start Messaging.

      4- Get Telegram Verification code

      To the next screen, select the same Country as TextNow Phone Number > Enter your Free Phone Number and click on Next.

       A verification code sent to your TextNow Phone Number by Telegram .

      5- Verify Telegram Using TextNow Number

      Open App and you will see a verification code from Telegram. If you do not have seen the Verification code, wait to call in your TextNow Number by Telegram .

      Next, open the TextNow app and answer the call from Telegram to receive your Verification code.

      Enter the Verification code by Open Telegram App .

       6- Finish Telegram Setup

      After the verification, you can set up your profile as you want by adding your Name and a profile picture.

      Method 2: Verify telegram using your landline number .

      Now, you can also use your landline number to use Telegram without a phone number .

      Use your landline number to verify Telegram:

      1- Enter Landline Number into Telegram

      Open Telegram app> select your country> enter your landline number and click next to receive a code for verification .

      2- Wait for Call on your Landline Number by Telegram.

      Since your Landline Numbers did not receive any text message, you will have to wait for around 1 or 2 minutes for Telegram to call in your number.

      Telegram will automatically call to your landline number and hear their voice they will tell the verification code.

      3- Enter Verification Code into Telegram

      To complete the phone verification process enter that verification code into Telegram after the verification you can enter your Name and can add your  Profile picture to complete setting up your Telegram Account .


      • Some other methods to verify telegram no phone number 

      Here are some other ways to Sign up for Telegram without use your Phone number, 

      Use Google Voice:  You can also sign-up for GOOGLE Voice, which provides you a free phone number, But generally it is only for US residents .

      Don’t worry, If you are not living in United States, Still You can also sign-up for GOOGLE Voice’s Phone Number by using steps : How to Get a Google Voice Number Outside the US  

      If you are not living in United States, Use a Friend or Family Member’s phone:

      You can also Use Telegram by using your friend’s or family member’s phone number. 

       After the verification process is completed, you can create a username and chat using instead of your friend/family member’s phone.One more thing there is another option: Get a temporary SIM Card and use the temporary number to verify Telegram.

      That’s the way by which you clear how to use telegram without a phone number .

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